MG24 / MG48
Multipurpose VoIP Gateways for Your Network Expansion

MG24 / MG48 Gateways

Designed for SIP and Open Standards


The MG24/MG48, built on Linux, are designed as a SIP VoIP Open Standards platforms and support a variety of voice application environments and supplementary services to the Zultys IP phone system products, including auto dialing, caller ID, do not disturb and more.

Cost-Effective VoIP Gateways

The MG24/MG48 multipurpose enterprise-class analog to SIP VoIP gateways enhance IP phone system coverage of legacy analog phones, making it easy to integrate legacy phones into the Zultys Unified Communications solution. The MG24/MG48 are an ideal solution for small to medium businesses, enterprises and organizations with multifloor offices and distributed facilities that need to extend the number of analog stations being served by their Zultys MX250 IP phone system.

Extend Coverage of Your Analog Network

The MG24/MG48 multipurpose analog to SIP gateways are designed with the needs of the SMB and SME in mind. They convert the format of a phone call to allow it to pass between the SIP network and the public switched telephone network, and allow an organization to bring their analog phones fully into their Unified Communications environment to enable Presence, Status and other service features in the Zultys MXIE Unified Communications client that make it easier to contact others in the company.

The MG24/MG48 Have Two Standard Configurations

  • MG24/S with 24 FXS ports
  • MG48/S with 48 FXS ports

They offer high quality voice, and supports major functions such as, voice codec (G.711, G.729A), dynamic jitter buffer, echo cancellation and fax.

Key Features

  • Analog to SIP gateways
  • Seamless configuration for 24 FXS or 48 FXS analog ports
  • High voice quality
  • Echo cancellation
  • Support voice compression (G.711, G729A)
  • Fax support
  • Enhanced features include auto dialing, caller ID, do not disturb and more

System Specifications

Key Features

Configuration 24 or 48 FXS Extension ports
Voice Processing
Voice Codec: G.711, G.729A, Echo
cancellation: G.168; Dynamic Jitter buffer;
Voice Activity Detector (VAD)
Calling Control
Caller ID; Call Forwarding; Call Transfer;
Call Forking; Hotline; CRBT; Do Not Disturb; Speed Dialing; Busy Tone Detection
VoIP Protocol SIP
DTMF DTMF Digits Transmit: RFC2833
Other Features
Call Handling
Configurable dialing plan, up to 500 routing rules
Support Primary and Backup IP Phone System
The gateway can be configured and controlled by multiple IP phone systems
Hardware & Physical Environment
Maximum User Line Length 1500 meters (4921ft)
Ringer Equivalence Number 5 REN
System Memory 64MB 8MB Flash Memory
Connectors RJ-45
Input Voltage & Power Needs 100~240 AC: 50-60Hz; 1A (MAX)
440mm W (17.3”) x 260mm D (17.3”) x 44mm H (1.7”)
Weight 3 kg (15.4lb); gross weight: 4kg (8.8lb)
Operation Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Operating Temperature 0° to 40° C

*Where applicable

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