Business telephone systems


Omni Technologies has partnered with the leading providers in Traditional and IP Telephony so that we can provide our clients with reliable, easy to use business telephone system solutions..

Voice and data networking


Voice and Data networks are a critical component of business communications today. Convergence on your network requires professionals skilled in designing innovative applications

Carrier Services


Carrier Services provides high-performance data, IP, and network transport services for national and international telecommunications carriers, cable companies, content providers, and mobile wireless companies.

Cloud Services


Virtualized environments save time and money. Let us help you realize these benefits! A virtual server environment allows the placement of several independent servers on one piece of server hardware.

Surveillance and safety


Protect your assets whether it is personal property or a classroom of children. Having your camera system integrated into your network is common these days. Get network-centric capabilities in video surveillance.

Wifi provides flexibility


Omni Technologies has made it simple to become an all-wireless enterprise with a network that is simple to deploy and easy to maintain.  Trustworthy for any application, the network’s simplicity and reliability minimize ongoing operating expenses and the need for on-site experts.

Our Product Line






Legacy Systems

Multi Tech Systems
Grand stream Innovative IP Voice & Video

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